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Community & Civic Engagement

The Office for Community & Civic Engagement changes lives through education by enhancing civic engagement competency through high impact service-learning opportunities and community involvement.

We provide opportunities for college students to recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it. Students enrich and enhance their education experience through active, engaged service.

Ready to get involved? Check out our volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community on UNCP Serve.

Covid-19 Service Strategies

The UNCP Office for Community & Civic Engagement offers the following guiding principles for all university faculty, staff, and students to meet the health and safety needs of our campus and community during the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2020-2021 academic year. Additional information about the university’s pandemic response is available at

Service-Learning Guidance for Faculty/Staff
  1. Faculty are encouraged to offer service-learning projects for the 2020-2021 academic year.  These projects can include indirect, research-based, and/or advocacy service projects rather than direct service.  Projects are encouraged to be as contactless, remote, and/or virtual as possible.
  2. Faculty are encouraged to communicate with the Office for Community and Civic Engagement and/or the community partner in advance about how to transition to indirect service during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  3. Explore ways in which direct service may be offered remotely, such as offering services via video platforms or engaging in virtual service opportunities. Examples and resources for finding virtual service opportunities are currently available at
  4. Consider opportunities to reflect on COVID-19, global health, the impact of pandemics on communities, and ways that community members can support one another while, and by, remaining socially distant.
  5. Encourage students to adhere to service recommendations for students listed above.
Service Recommendations for Students
  1. Students are encouraged to connect with Community Partners via UNCP Serve to learn about opportunities to engage in service.  
  2. Participation in remote and virtual service opportunities are highly encouraged and can be found at
  3. If students choose to participate in direct service, they are encouraged to follow current guidelines from the CDC, North Carolina state regulations, and community partners such as, but not limited to:
    • working in enclosed areas with groups larger than 10
    • observing protocols related to appropriate personal protective equipment such as wearing masks and gloves
    • practice social distancing by maintaining 6 ft between others
    • providing own transportation
    • practicing good hygiene by regularly washing hands and using hand sanitizer
    • Not participating or engaging in service if:
      • you currently are sick or feeling unwell or have been near someone who is sick
      • you currently are in the high-risk category for COVID-19
      • you or anyone in your household have traveled internationally in recent weeks
      • you or anyone in your household have traveled to highly impacted Covid-19 areas of the United States in recent weeks
      • you or anyone in your household have been in close contact with anyone who is confirmed to have COVID-19
      • Visit UNCP Serve for other volunteer safety recommendations:
Service Recommendations for Community Partners

We understand that the adjustments made from UNCP’s instructional delivery method for student engagement can affect you during this time. Community partners are encouraged to consider ways to continue to engaging with our students virtually or indirectly:

  1. Continue to list your service experiences on UNCP Serve by the way of indirect/virtual measures.
  2. Virtual service opportunities include ways that volunteers can support your organization from home or online, such as
    • Utilize students to think creatively about ways to engage and provide services to clients virtually
    • Pen Pal--encourage students to communicate with clients
    • Social media campaigns
    • Online fundraising
    • Public Relations/Mass Communication planning
    • Offering a skilled service that they can do remotely, such as web development, graphic design, writing/editing, or translation
    • Online Adult and Youth Life Skills Coaching
    • Recording of Educational or Services Workshops
    • Recording of Career Exploration Videos
  3. Recognize your great volunteers on social media or take some time to share stories of past service events to keep your volunteers engaged if they are unable to serve!